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Resonate Crop Ark – Army Of Fools

Band: Resonate Crop Ark     Song: Army Of Fools      Location: Sint-Baafsabdij    Website: Facebook  

 Instrument:  Meinl cajón – Contrabas – Martin and Co. guitar.


Army of Fools

Couldn’t last much longer, staring into the void, darkminded
Couldn’t take much longer, dying from living these lies
Wind please blow me some sweet change
You’ll find me low, outside, waiting
I’ll be drugged and floored
But I’ll rise up and fight

One of those nights he couldn’t close his eyes
Opened up the window and he could feel the Wind blow
That’s when he heard her say “You don’t belong here
Time to pack and leave before you drawn

Too much noise, hard to hear your thoughts
Spread the love, make the tiny world go round
Little soul, way to much show
While hearts is all we need
Guess you’re tired, but you got no time to sleep”

Swept off his feet he started his long journey
Through green fields, over mountains and across wild seas
More and more people joined the Army of Fools and
They marched along towards the lightning

They lost themselves
Carrying their hearts too big
For this world, this world
Full of sharks and hungry predators

But they kept on going on
They didn’t have a choice
Being who they were
They died laughing

The Wind blew and screamed out loud
“Always, always keep in mind my dear
Love is all, all we really need here
But they’ll always try to make you doubt
Guess you’re tired, well darling rest in peace”